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Risk Architect

Clay Fullick, CRA, Risk Architect since 2016, Graduated from Texas A&M in 2001. He was raised in Baytown, Texas, with his brother, Robert, who is now an Orthopedic Surgeon at Memorial Herman, and his two parents. Clay’s career started as a landman for six years and later went on to work part-time as a landman to play professional golf from 2008 – 2014. After his career change into insurance, he made his way back to Houston, where he and his beautiful wife, Cali, and their baby boy live.

You can still find Clay playing golf and competing in National and State amateur events or traveling to Ireland and New Zealand in his spare time. One thing clay enjoys about the work he does here at Highpoint is educating and helping people solve problems. Reviewing risks and ultimately determining the best way to protect their business and assets for the best possible price while improving their Risk Profiles challenges Clay to new heights in his career. When asked what inspires him, he will tell you it is always expecting the best for himself, challenging himself to become great, and being a trusted advisor for his clients. Finding non-insurance solutions to protect or transfer risks that someone else could not provide is always motivating. The best piece of advice someone once gave him was, “ don’t stress over what you cannot control.” Clay says he “used to sweat the small things” but has gotten better at focusing on what he can control. If Clay could pick one superpower, it would be reading people’s minds.

Fun Fact: In college, Clay worked for a country music singer named Walker. “I just helped him with his golf game but got to travel the country on a tour bus, and it was a great time!”