You’ve got questions, we have answers!

Fact Check – Our Credibility

Heather and Brandon have a huge network of relationships in the field. Here at Highpoint, we have an office of 50 people and a community of 50,000. We hope to be a reassuring source for you during this unprecedented time.

Fact Check – Leading Through the Unknown

Now more than ever is the time to lead with courage and be a role model for your staff and family.

Fact Check – Business Income

The big question every business owner we’ve talked to has been – Do I have business income coverage? Like anything with insurance, this is a case-by-case basis. Whether you are one of our clients or not, feel free to call us today to discuss any questions or concerns.

Fact Check – Grace on Payments

At Highpoint, we completely understand that funds and finances are tight during this time for your business. Please call us to discuss a way to pay that works for you and your business.

Fact Check – Adjusting Coverages for “The New Normal”

If you are changing the nature of your business in order to navigate through this time, we want to know. Please call us today.

Fact Check – COVID-19 & Workers Compensation

At Highpoint we know how serious it is to make sure your employees stay well. If you believe someone contracted COVID-19 in a workplace environment, we want to know. Call your team today.

Fact Check – Cybersecurity & Working from Home

As we are working in remote environments, our exposure to cyber attacks increase. Be mindful of anything you click on and call Highpoint today to ensure you are properly covered.