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We all want more of it, but sometimes it can be difficult to find.

That’s why we’ve organized August as our Wellness month – three years ago, Heather implemented our Bingo Challenge.  It’s a way for our staff to get refocused, reenergized, and vamp up the agency’s overall wellness initiative.

When you’re sitting long hours at work every day, hustling home after work to take on mom/dad roles, or taking care of everyday life duties – we lose sight of making ourselves a priority.

We take on many different roles at work and home – to be the BEST employee, co-worker, family, and friend, we must take care of our health.

The bingo challenge has allowed us to incorporate health and fitness into our daily routines and encourage healthy lifestyles.

The great thing about it – EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE.  We don’t make it easy, but we create something for everyone, and everything can be modified!

A few things that help us stay motivated throughout the month:

  • We’ve created an agency chat – we share recipes, workouts and send encouraging notes.
  • We encourage working out with a friend (which is on the bingo card)
  • Taking breaks to walk outside as a group
  • Filling the bingo card gives you to chase for a new pair of “move” shoes.

When your staff starts feeling good both mentally and physically, you will have a more productive staff.  I see a difference in attitudes, moods, and creativity as an agency.

My favorite part is hearing and see all the accomplishments – as “Coach Jamie,” I get fueled by the success of others!

I challenge you to implement a wellness challenge within your organization.  It doesn’t have to be a whole bingo card, but try one or two things first, then you can build off that!

Now, go find your MOTIVATION!