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My rates went up AGAIN?!

By January 21, 2020May 20th, 2021Employee Benefits

Dang, my rates went up AGAIN?!?

“Ok, time for Open Enrollment!”, says the insurance lady standing in front of your safety meeting, interrupting this week’s topic on forklift safety.

“Nice booklet, lady. Let’s see, ok, plan information, medical, dental, life insurance, blah, blah, blah…don’t mind me, just keep talking, lady, as I flip to the deduction page because all I really care is how much will be coming out of my paycheck this year”.

“What the hell!?! Rates are going up again?!?!”


Sound familiar? Was that you? Did your company just go through Open Enrollment and were shocked when you looked at the rates for your 2020 plan year? How are these insurance companies getting away with this?!?!

One word: Ignorance

We, as consumers, have been conditioned to automatically hand over our insurance card before we leave the doctor’s office. Sure, you were seen by a medical professional, and now you have you pay for those services. But why did you give them your insurance card as if that is a mode of payment? Now don’t get me wrong, if you need to use your insurance in the capacity it was created, by all means, use your dang insurance card.

But yall, listen: When it’s time to pay, DON’T just automatically hand the person behind the counter your insurance card! Now, hear me out before you freak out! Why do you give that person your insurance card? If you just shrugged your shoulders looking for the right answer, think about this… if I use my car insurance to file a claim, what will happen to my premiums when I renew next year? More than likely, my premiums will go up! Why? Because I filed a freaking claim! So, if that is the case with car insurance, why in the world would health insurance would be any different? Honestly, I believe that it’s because we were told how health insurance was designed to be used, and we have never questioned it and simply “did what we were told”. Well, folks, NOW is your opportunity to stop the madness!


And here’s how…back to the doctor’s office we go:

“Sir, do you have insurance? I need to verify your coverage.” Your response to that can now be: “You know, I do, but I would rather not use it unless I really need to. Can I just pay without using my insurance card? How much will that be?”

Yes, you can ask that! Yall, you do not have to use your insurance card just because you have it! Let me say that again in case you missed it: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE YOUR INSURANCE CARD JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE IT! Just try it next time; you’ll be surprised at the savings. You can thank me later, you know, next year, when I crash another one of your safety meetings for open enrollment to explain how IT JUST AIN’T THAT DANG COMPLICATED!

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Erika Ensign – Risk Architect-Employee Benefits