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Pursue Discomfort

Pursue Discomfort

 Of all our core values I find this one to resonate most with everyone (and needs to be done the most).

Let’s break this down…

Pursue: to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish:

When you want to set goals, what are you doing to reach those goals? Are you going at it blindly and not really knowing your way?

You need to maximize your potential by creating short term and long-term goals.  With that being said your short-term goals need to be supporting your long-term goals.  Break it down into actionable and measurable tasks; and be consistent.

Be realistic about these tasks…life happens, and you must work your way around it.   Bend and Flex:  this is exactly what you will need to do.  Things will not always go as planned, so plan for obstacles, BEND & FLEX!

Discomfort: to disturb the comfort or happiness of; make uncomfortable or uneasy.

This is self-explanatory…. basically do things that you don’t want to do…do things that make you anxious…. things that make you nervous …things that make your palms sweat….

These become things you HAVE to do to accomplish those bigger goals.

As simple as it sounds, people don’t like to be uncomfortable. So breaking those goals down into small attainable tasks doesn’t make it seem so scary.

Pursuing discomfort applies in every aspect of your life:

Fitness Goals • Customer Goals • Revenue Goals • Parenting Goals • Spouse/Partner Goals

What will be your one task TODAY that will push you closer to your goals and to PURSUE DISCOMFORT!?!

Your one and only,