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By April 16, 2018August 1st, 2018Culture

Naturally, we tend to work in a state of urgency and interruptions. One of the most important habits you can develop for your work ethic is the planning of long-term goals. Think about what tasks have the highest impact in your work. Use creative thinking to plan and prevent these jobs from becoming overwhelming, excessively time-consuming, or even overlooked. You have to make a conscious decision to stop responding to immediate demanding tasks in order to make the greater part of your to-do list more manageable for the future. It is an investment for your productivity. When you make these goals, fully commit to them. You have to fully believe in not only your ability to execute these tasks, but also in the value that they hold in the long run. Connecting your actions with the bigger picture – a vision – will energize your focus and fuel your fire. Make sure your actions are specific, measurable, applicable, reasonable, and time-bound: SMART! With good habits and Q2 planning, you are likely to perform with excellence without fear of falling behind. The key is making every one of your plans a personal promise and treating each one with just as much importance as the last. It helps to take care of the biggest responsibilities, not necessarily the most urgent ones, first thing in the new week. This makes sure you stay on the path to extraordinary productivity. Too much time and energy disappears when we fly by the seat of our pants, so you owe it to yourself to invest time in planning, writing down your commitments, and holding yourself accountable for all achievements and failures. The results will prove their value in no time!