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By December 17, 2021January 31st, 2022Culture

At Highpoint, we believe in acknowledging and appreciating excellence in our staff. It is a choice to go above and beyond, to persist, and to strive to be the best version of yourself. Every year, three awards are given out to three extraordinary team members. Here are this year’s winners!


The book “Green Eggs and Ham” is a huge part of the culture at Highpoint. Sam I Am is a role model who is determined until he succeeds. He doesn’t take no as an answer, and he never gets discouraged. He has a positive outlook and is confident that what he has to offer, even if it’s green eggs & ham, will make anyone’s life better.

This year, the Green Egg Award goes to Scott Howard! Scott has continuously pursued discomfort, adapting and applying his creativity to social networks. He remains persistent until he succeeds. We are so thankful to have Scott and his hard-working nature here at Highpoint.


This award is inspired by the book “The Fred Factor.” It is an excellent representation of what it means to be a servant leader. The Fred Factor tells the story of a mailman who goes out of his way to do good deeds to help others. At Highpoint, we give shoutouts to fellow employees and call them “Fred Sightings” anytime we see someone go above and beyond their job description just to help another person out.
This year, the Fred Award goes to Koby Farries! Koby is a positive people person in our office who is always happy to lend a hand. He is friendly to everyone and chooses joy even when faced with a challenge. He has contributed so much extra help to our team members and embodies being a servant leader. We are happy to give him this well-deserved award!


The highest award of recognition each year is the Employee Excellence Award. This award is the only award voted on by each & every Highpoint employee. We each nominate who we believe has outstanding character, embodies our core values, and brings their excellence to work every day. The 2021 MVP of the year is Brandy Fisher!
When Brandy enters the office, she greets every single person with a smile and a hug. Her positive energy is contagious. She puts her game face on every day; whether it’s Team Wars or her daughter’s soccer game, she’ll be there cheering! For that, we are so excited to award her the Employee Excellence Award! She has used her talents to help our clients innovate their benefits programs, HR tools and has served Highpoint with all her heart.

We are nothing without the hands and hearts that run this company, and it’s these extraordinary people who deserve all the love and recognition!

We appreciate you!