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This Costs How Much?

Let me guess – if any part of your health insurance plan states deductible applies you automatically assume that the cost will be THROUGH THE ROOF – right? Hey, it’s ok to admit that – quite honestly, you and just about every other person who has health insurance has the same thought!

If there is not a set or defined “co-pay” for services, then shear panic sets in. Not only is the cost “per pay period” to have health insurance going up for you, but you also have to worry about the cost of whatever “deductible and co-insurance” means.

I mean, let’s be honest, “Why in the world do we even have health insurance if we STILL have to spend even more money out of pocket when we use the damn thing?

Or better yet, “Why do we have it, pay out of pocket, and then STILL have to pay MORE money out of pocket after our insurance plan claims they covered a “portion” of it?

  • Having healthcare is expensive
  • Using healthcare is expensive
  • Going without healthcare could be expensive (if you needed if)
  • The cost of care is expensive – so expensive the insurance companies/carriers don’t even want to pay/cover benefits, right?

Think About It?

Well, what if I told you the problem isn’t the insurance carriers’ refusal to pay claims?

What if I told you the problem isn’t the cost of your care that is so unreasonable?

What if I told you it is, in fact, the facilities, providers, and pharmaceutical companies who are the ones charging the unreasonably high cost that no one wants, can, or should pay?

Ok, fine, don’t take my word for it – let me just give you an example, or two:

  • A CT scan for a cancer patient that is performed at a well-known cancer facility charges $10,000 PER SCAN – that SAME scan performed as a different facility down the street charges $450.21 PER SCAN!
  • A facility that performs procedures to remove a child’s tonsils charges $30,000 – that SAME procedure performed by another facility within 10 miles down the road charges $6,800!

Let Me Explain

I know what you are thinking, “Ok, insurance lady, what kind of sketchy facilities could that possibly be, where the prices are that drastically different? It’s facilities who simply want to take care of patients at reasonable and appropriate prices – Yeah, you read that right – Reasonable and appropriate – I’m sorry, those words don’t seem to fit into the “health insurance world” these days, right? And you know why they don’t? It’s because for as long as consumers will allow it, providers will continue to charge unreasonable fees while they hide behind the façade that it is the insurance carriers who are the blame – who are the ones who don’t want to pay claims – who don’t care about the members. Don’t get me wrong, the insurance carriers have their own issues (which I will gladly cover in another post), but it all starts with the charged amount for services.

If you don’t know if what you are being charged is reasonable or appropriate – find someone who does! We will never be able to make a change to the cost of healthcare until WE make changes….IT JUST AIN’T THAT DANG COMPLICATED!