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By April 16, 2020May 20th, 2021Culture

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!”, “2020 is going to be amazing!”, “THIS is my year!” …sentences like this were said all over the nation. The typical New Year’s resolutions made, and before they could even be broken – enter stage right, freaking COVID-19! What seemed like overnight, our world SHUT DOWN! What seemed like a bad dream at first, suddenly became a reality that is full of uncertainty, fear, and confusion.

We have gone from “Wait, what the HELL IS GOING ON?!? to “Ok, so now how do we live like this!?!”

The past few weeks we have attempted to adapt to this “new normal”, particularly because no one knows how long “life” will be this way and through all of this, there has been ONE word that has been surfacing in EVERY.SINGLE.ASPECT of my life (and if it isn’t in yours, I hope that after this post, it will be): GRACE

Yall, NO ONE expected or had a freaking idea that ANYTHING like this would happen, so NO, we were not prepared, NO, we don’t have all the answers, NO, we don’t have everything figured out, and NO, THERE AIN’T A STINKIN’ ‘HOW TO’ MANUAL for “Dealing with Corona Life”! With all that said, GIVE YOURSELF SOME FREAKING GRACE! NO ONE is just “killin’ it” at life right now, so stop expecting that of yourself!

I’m going to repeat that for those of you who need to hear it again: “NO ONE is just “killin’ it” at life right now!

If you know me at all, you know I love a good acronym. Anything that I can break down into small pieces to memorize and apply to life, I am HERE FOR IT!

So, here you go (and you’re welcome, in advance 😉):

GratitudeIf you look for the negative in things, you will 100% find it. On the flip side, if you look for the positive in things, you will 100% find it! Yall, it does NOT have to be some huge freaking thing! Just find something, anything to be grateful for!

“I got to get up and not have to put makeup on – on a Tuesday!”“I got to enjoy my coffee at home instead of on the road – in traffic”

“Dang, the weather is so nice today!”

“I rode my bike outside for the first time in years”

Rest – Crazy times, makes for crazy schedules…TAKE advantage of the down times that you have. We are NOT rushing to dinner parties, kids’ birthday parties, sports practices, or any other calendar obligations…we have been forced to slow down, so TAKE A FREAKING BREATH! Some industries have completely stopped and some have become even busier, whatever your profession is – still employed or not – all the social parts of your life have essentially stopped, so TAKE THE REST that we so desperately and constantly complain about never having. Go sit in your backyard with your sunglasses and Bob Marley music playing and pretend you are in Jamaica…or go take a nap, whatever you need, just do it!

Adapt – We have been forced to do many things differently now, and if it’s not the norm for you to be doing new things or adjusting, THAT’S OK! You are not alone, we are ALL doing life differently now, and we are going to suck at it in the beginning, and that’s normal! “Embrace the suck!” Take a deep breath and keeping going. Reach out to a family member or friend, chances are they are struggling too! Talking to someone helps alleviate feeling overwhelmed and more at ease knowing you are not alone in the same struggles.

Control– Handle the things that you have control over and STOP STRESSING about the things that you do not! We are ALL working through this, EVERYONE is being impacted by this pandemic, not a state, nation, or region, this is WORLD WIDE! We can only control so much, and no amount of stress you put on yourself is going to change the things you can’t control. Do the things you can do and let go of the rest!

Energy – The only way that you are going to be able to push through this madness and difficult time (emotionally and physically) is by having enough energy to carry you through! There is no “getting around” this, we have to go THROUGH it! How? MOVE YOUR BODY! It may sound counterintuitive, but in order for you to have energy, your body has to make it! A power plant does not have energy, it GENERATES energy. With the amount of time that we have now been given, there is no reason why you can’t move your body for 30 minutes a day…it doesn’t have to be some crazy “sucking wind” type of workout, just GET UP AND MOVE!

Yall, I know at times, this SUCKS – ok, a lot of the times – but take this as an opportunity to reset some things in your life, hell, reset everything if that is what you need!…appreciate the time that we now have been given, rest and recoup, allow for yourself to suck at new things, control the things you can, and move your dang body! This life is complex and ever changing, but IT JUST AIN’T THAT DANG COMPLICATED!

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Erika Ensign   Sr. Risk Architect-Benefits