Your Rise365® Benefits Team

A solid structure requires both an Architect and an Engineer.

One to creatively see the vision and the design, and one to focus on the implementation and evolution of that design.  The Architect and Engineer, along with a whole crew are necessary to truly elevate the success of all those we serve 365 days a year!

Risk Architect

  • Designs and builds risk profile improvement strategies.
  • Identify, measure and mitigate risk hazards.
  • Drive down insurance costs.

365 Engineer

  • Focus on structural elements of insurance program.
  • Ensures insurance program is sustainable 365 days a year.
  • Monitor and adjust risk management program to clients’ evolving needs.

The Rise365® team

Trey Davis

Risk Architect

Kim Still

365 Sr. Engineer

Amy Nicholas


365 Engineer

Brandy Fisher

365 Engineer

Leigh Manus

Certified EDI Professional

365 Sr. Specialist

McKayla Powell

365 Sr. Coordinator

Shannon Blackwell

365 Coordinator