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Our greater purpose is to give more than we take – having a servant’s heart for our clients, coworkers, and community.

Highpoint Hearts was founded as an impact group that remains intentional on giving back throughout the year. We want to create change in our own communities, while giving our employees a chance to empower those in need.
God has blessed us more than we could have ever imagined and we believe it’s our responsibility to give back. 12% of our annual profits are granted to local and global charities. We are blessed to be given so many opportunities to create change and directly impact people’s lives. It is our hope that we inspire others to do the same!
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Giving Back

We work with organizations that we truly believe in, so that we can help make a genuine impact in our community.

Some of our partners include:

Hope Legacy Collective, Living Water International, Jane Around the World, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Elijah Rising, and Operation Blue Santa.

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