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Deliver Legendary Customer Service

By September 8, 2022August 9th, 2023Culture

At Highpoint, our goal is not to be good. It’s to be extraordinary.

Extraordinary performance comes from extraordinary people and the foundation for extraordinary people is an extraordinary culture.

Each month we focus on one of our Fundamental Behaviors – these behaviors define our unique culture and they’re what set us apart and what makes us leaders in our field.

Dena has been with Highpoint for almost 9 years, and she embodies our core values and beliefs; she inspires us all – she explains what it means to Deliver Legendary Customer Service.

“When I found out I was going to be speaking to you guys today about the Fundamental Behavior “Deliver Legendary Customer Service” I had 4 images pop into my head. I wasn’t sure how they would connect but I knew they were connected, and I just needed you guys to trust me and follow me as I tried to piece them together!  So welcome, we are about to enter the thought process of Dena!

  • Did you know that your chances of survival go up by a TON if you are ever kidnapped by a serial killer just by making a human connection with them?  Just by making them see you as a person and you seeing them as a human? Making a human connection is so important in how you survive this scenario.
  • Did you know that if you talk to your plants, they will produce more flowers and new growth? How cool is that? Just by talking and making a connection with them, you will see a bigger production from them!
  • Did you know that in the Bible, of all the things that Jesus spoke about and taught on, He said “The greatest of these is love.”  Love!  Loving people and showing love is so important He took the time to separate that one act and said that was the GREATEST.
  • Fun fact, people will go to Starbucks to be alone, surrounded by people. Read that again. Even in our subconscious, we know the importance of others.

Since I couldn’t really find the line that connected these thoughts, I brought it back home to who we are.  You may not know this, but Brandon and Heather came up with our name Highpoint because they wanted everyone that had an interaction with us for that interaction to be THE Highpoint of their day.  So, with that in mind, remember that with every phone call, email, text, and in-person interaction we have with people it is our goal to make sure it IS the Highpoint of that person’s day.

Does that mean just our insureds? Does that mean just the people in our community? Does that mean just the clients coming in to tour the building? Heck no! It means to those people as well as to each other, our Highpoint family, to the service men and women we have that come in and out of our building every day. It means to the guys that cut our lawn and empty our shred bins.  The moral is to create those connections and treat every single person we deal with as the most important person of our day.

If making a connection helps you survive a serial killer and makes your plants produce more flowers, imagine what it will do for the people and companies in our lives. Any business can provide great customer service, but we….but WE must strive every day to provide LEGENDARY service! Each one of us has been chosen to be a part of the Highpoint family and we must do our best to make those connections, to go above, to make people feel appreciated and valued!

Hope you enjoyed the ride and can look at the images above to be daily reminders to “Be the High-Point”