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Highpoint Hearts Partner Spotlight: Hope Legacy Collective

By April 26, 2023May 3rd, 2023Highpoint Hearts

Hope Legacy Collective creates a structured, repeatable, and executable process that helps businesses unite through service and allows them to bring hope to their communities.

After the passing of Steve Stewart, founder of Gulf Winds International, Steve’s son, Todd Stewart, started a private foundation in his father’s honor. Gulf Winds had a slogan that seemed to fit the purpose of the foundation perfectly, “It’s about more than moving freight; it’s about more than the move.” So, in January 2018, the More Than the Move Foundation launched.

The Foundation’s purpose was to empower Gulf Winds employees with the opportunity to share their passions and use their skills to give back to the community, while also giving a purpose to the company’s profitability through charitable grants.

However, they soon realized that, in the world of philanthropy, you could never have too many people joining together to better the community and world. After seeing Gulf Winds’ program success, other companies asked if they could join in serving the community.

Their network of various charitable organizations gives our employees limitless opportunities to volunteer and serve. Highpoint has been a proud member of Hope Legacy since 2020.

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