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Most Memorable Moments of 2021

By December 29, 2021February 4th, 2022Culture

What were some of our most memorable moments of 2021?

Learn about our team’s favorite moments of 2021 as we celebrate the new year!


Blog - 80s Christmas Party with People Smiling and Posing for a Photo Dressed in Their 80s Clothes

The 80’s Christmas Party.


Blog - The Highpoint Insurance Group Dressed Up as Heather Smyrl While Taking a Selfie

When we celebrated the birth of Heather Smyrl by dressing up as her.


Blog - Jackie Sitting with Two Chicks in Her Lap

I became a chicken mom! :)


The Christmas Party – getting to play Ms. Pac Man was just THE BEST EVER!


Blog - Woman Holding Her Adorable Dog Outside While Smiling

Visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Phoenix and spending time with my grandson, Gunner, before he went to the Rainbow Bridge.


Blog - A Dog Sniffing a Cat While the Cat is Being Held on the Floor

Working HP Camp Covid when everyone was out.


Blog - Woman Smiling While Driving on the Beach on a Beautiful Day

Seeing Hailey drive her dad’s Can-Am. I think I will remember that for the rest of my life!


Blog - Man Holding and Kissing a Woman At Their Wedding with Petals Falling From the Sky

We all know mine! I got married 9/10/21!


Moving into my apartment – adulting!


Blog - Friends Smiling and Posing Together Outside

When I came to the quarterly meeting in the middle of October. I got to meet and socialize with my team members. Everyone was so nice and they decorated my desk with candy and soda pop. We had a great time.


Blog - Koby Giving a Thumbs Up While Standing Beside the Feild at the 2021 World Series

Going to the 2021 World Series.


Blog - Woman Smiling While a Man is Down on One Knee and They are on a Trail in the Woods

Getting engaged to my best friend! :)


Blog - Man Holding the Hand of a Young Girl as They Walk Down the Sidewalk on a Nice Day

Honestly, it would have to be the day we took placement of our first bonus baby. This year of fostering has had lots of ups and downs but no doubt I will never forget the first day we brought little K into our home.


Blog - Father with Daughter Dressed in Orange Vests and Camo While They Go Hunting

Hunting with my kids.


Blog - Family and Friends Smiling Outside Under a Sign Saying Tree Tail

Going to Broken bow with the whole family. We hadn’t done that since mom passed and it felt good to be together again, keeping our tradition going. Great hikes, amazing memories, and very little arguing- ha!


Blog - Jamie Smiling With Her Hands Up After Running a Marothon Outside

MARATHON PR! After my marathon race was canceled, I had to create my own course, figure out my hydration stations, and complete 26.2 miles!